PAST EDITIONS 2019-11-27T17:13:52-05:00


Riding on a Cloud, by Rabih Mroué (curated and presented by The Theatre Centre)
Century Song, created by Neema Bickersteth, Kate Alton and Ross Manson (curated and produced by Volcano Theatre)
El Refugio de Freidel, by Liliana Súarez Henao and Beatriz Pizano (curated and produced by Aluna Theatre)
What I learned from a decade of fear, created by Beatriz Pizano, Lyon Smith and Trevor Schwellnus (curated and produced by Aluna Theatre)
LIFT THAT UP, created by Dana Michel (curated and presented by Dancemakers)
History, History, History, created and performed by Deborah Pearson (curated and presented by Volcano & SummerWorks)
MONOMYTHS, curated by Jess Dobkin and Shannon Cochrane (presented by FADO Performance Art Centre)
Forest Fringe Micro-Festival, curated and presented by Forest Fringe & SummerWorks:
Blind Cinema, conceived and directed by Britt Hatzius
O, choreographed and performed by Project O
This is How We Die, written and performed by Christopher Brett Bailey
As the Flames Rose We Danced to The Sirens, The Sirens, created by Sleepwalk Collective


Marathon, Conceived and Directed by Aharona Israel (curated and presented by SummerWorks)
The Messiah Complex 5.0, Created and Performed by Michael Dudeck (curated and presented by Videofag)
D-Sisyphe (Décisif), Created and performed by Meher Awachri (curated and presented by Volcano)
Margarete, Conceived and Performed by Janek Turkowski (curated and presented by SummerWorks)
Cine Monstro, By Daniel MacIvor, Directed and Performed by Enrique Diaz (curated and presented by Why Not Theatre)
Novorossiya: No One’s Land, Created by Pavel Yurov & Anastasiya Kasilova (curated and presented by SummerWorks)
The Republic of Inclusion, Curated by Alex Bulmer and Sarah Garton Stanley (presented by The National Arts Centre)
Silent Dinner, Created and Performed by Amanda Coogan with Toronto collaborators (curated and presented by FADO Performance Art Centre)